An influx of redesigned brands

While at the mall today I noticed that everyone seems to be updating their brands. Sbarro and Lord and Taylor have new logos, and I'm loving them. 

The new, clean Sbarro logo is a much welcomed change to the old one.  I really love it in all black. 


Lord and Taylor has a new logo on some mall signage, Facebook, and Twitter, but hasn't yet made it to their website. My bet it that they're soft testing it. The logo image on Facebook has a lot of negative comments, most saying it looks cheap and not signature enough. I like it because it's more readable! When I was a kid I could never figure out what it said. I agree that it's not distinguished enough and needs a bit more character. 


Google and Verizon's new logos and branding

This week, Google and Verizon rolled out new logos and branding:



I love the new Google logo. The old logo was ugly and not good in any way. I like the tilted ‘e’ that makes the logo a bit dynamic. Keeping the colors was obviously the right choice; changing the logo completely wouldn’t have been a good move for the company— I believe it would have alienated/confused a lot of their users. I think color is more memorable than words [see this article (ugh design taxi is such a horrible site with their ads)]. The bold sans-serif is better for use at very small sizes, like in the Google maps mobile app.

I’m wondering what they are going to do for the Google and Google+ app icons:

Maybe they will use this G?

Maybe they will use this G?

You can read a case study about the new Google logo here.

A peek at their logo designing process

A peek at their logo designing process


I think Verizon’s new logo is a failure. It reminds me a lot of Gap’s branding faux pas:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.38.27 PM.png

There was a lot of backlash about this change [article].  Taking a look at twitter, I see the majority of mentions about the new Verizon logo are negative. Here is one tweeted image I found:

Some negative tweets about the new Verizon logo

Some negative tweets about the new Verizon logo


The checkmark looks like an afterthought that was slapped on. I think it should be the same weight/thickness as the type, and rotated so that it’s more at an angle to make it more dynamic. This logo is not exciting at all. It's boring. The old logo had movement, and a brighter, more energetic red.

A well-known design agency that employs many famous graphic designers, Pentagram, designed the new logo. I am very disappointed in them.

Verizon's new website design:


It has too much white space. As much as I LOVE white space, I’ve seen this trend of making the website mostly white. Whitespace doesn’t technically need to actually be white, its just nice open space to let design elements breathe and not overwhelm your eyes. When multiple large sites go all white, it makes it harder to quickly distinguish what site you're on, in my opinion. Amazon did this a while ago and I thought it was a bad move. They seemed to have backed off on that now though. 

I’m not saying Verizon’s previous site design was great, but it was better than the blasé version they have now. I would suggest choosing a specific red that is distinguishable from other big red brands like Target and splashing some more color on the site.

Some articles about Verizon's rebrand:
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