Tips for working smarter: Social media mockups

Create social media mockups quicker

So you need to mock up what some content will look like on different social media platforms for approval before posting. What do you do? Do you search the internet for a mockup template made by a third party, and hope that it's completely current? Facebook makes updates very frequently, and many are small, nuanced changes.

I've found that the best, easiest and fastest way to do these kind of mockups is to use Google Chrome's web inspector tool. This solves the problem of not having the fonts that the site uses and makes sure that placement is exact.

Right click on the text you want to change, then double click on the text in the inspector window to input new text.

I usually change the text, take a screenshot, and then overlay new images in Photoshop; though you could change image links as well.

This is just a basic tip on using the web inspector – you can do a lot more with it, as I frequently do.